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Ok I stole this from some place that had pretty pictures. If I can find it again, I’ll link back. If someone else finds it, link me pls. Ta.

p.s. I finished exams! YAY!

I didn’t cheat, I promise. (Ok I saw the last Q as I copied it in… Luckily the last Q makes little to no difference on my choices!)

Pick six fandoms and then answer the questions below. Don’t look at the questions ahead of time 😛

1. Harry Potter
2. Twilight
3. Hannah Montana
4. Star Wars
5. Gilmore Girls
6. High School Musical


1. Who is your favorite character from #2?
Twilight – Ok, this has several possible answers (and would, Twilight or not!). Quite obviously, Edward, but that’s so duh obvious that I don’t count him! So here are my other favourites:
Favourite Cullen: Alice, hands down. She’s me… If I was a vampire?
Favourite Human: Mike. I’m Team Mike always.
Favourite Good Vampire: Stefan & Vladimir
Favourite Ship (besides the obvious): Kate & Garrett… Although, I like to imagine Stefan and Vlad are secret gay lovers who, because they are so old, don’t feel the need to be mushily obvious anymore.
Favourite ‘Bad Guy’: Marcus or Victoria. Marcus cos he’s so freaking bored with everything, he needs a hobby. Victoria because she’s just out to get revenge on the people who broke her heart.

2. Who is your least favorite character from #4?
Star Wars – Um, I didn’t like Palpy when he was pretending to be a ‘good guy’ cos he was lameo. And I didn’t like Count Dooku, he failed at being a Sith cos he didn’t even have the prefix of ‘Darth’! Epic failurism on his part. I also found myself frequently annoyed with that creepy Twi’lek, I can’t remember his name right now, he was Jabba the Hutt’s slave Twi’lek and he was freaking creepy and feral looking.

3. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
Gilmore Girls & Harry Potter – Oh man, can you imagine Rory getting a letter from Hogwarts? Emily would have a FIELD day and Lorelai would be SO psyched and they’d go and tour Hogwarts like they toured Yale and Rory would totally out-magic Hermione with her super skillz. And omg Rory would so blitz everything and win the Tri-Wizard Tournament! And Lorelai would try to invent her own spells and have insane, dangerous fun with magic things and give all the little deprived wizard kids lots of muggle movies to watch so they were well educated because she’d be SO shocked when she heard they hadn’t seen Pippi Longstockings!

4. Who is your favorite ship from #6?
High School Musical – um, clearly Sharpay and the basketballer who likes cooking. I haven’t seen HSM3 yet, I hope they hook up. That’d be delicious. (Yeah, I pun.)

5. If you were to set one person from #3 and one person from #6 on a blind date, who would they be?
Hannah & HSM – Mrs Darbus and Billy Ray. Cos no one else would say that. Also, it’d be epicly hilarious when Billy Ray realised he was going out with an old theatre mole who was probably menopausal hot for him.
They look so happy… *tear*

6. If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be, and what would you do?
Star Wars – Yoda, I’d tell him that I would do or do not, because I could not try. And he’d so train me in the ways of the Jedi and I’d be the best Jedi ever. Or Aayla Secura because she has blue skin, and I’ve always thought it might be a good idea to paint my skin some unnatural skin colour like blue or purple. Also, she has super saber skillz.
Or Chewbacca, we could have a roar-off. Can you imagine that? So totally awesome.
It’d look something like this:
We’d have an Idol-style panel judging us, consisting of Master Windu, Yoda and probbers Lando Calrissian.

7. If you could change one thing about #2’s plot line, what would you change?
Twilight – Um… Kill Bella and replace her with me? Duh. Who wouldn’t? Who doesn’t want to have freaky pillow-biting sex and freaking mutant babies with Edward? I sure wouldn’t say no! Or have Bella and Mike hook up – just to see the tweenie reactions – that would be the most epicly hilarious thing ever. Team Mike foreverz.

8. Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #5, and why you like the relationship between them.
Gilmore Girls – Emily and Lorelai. Because they’re basically my mum and my grandma (dad’s mum), but on television.

9. If the lead title characters (first name in the credits) from #1 and #3 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be?
HARRY AND HANNAH! – OMG! Well, Harry would have his wand right? So I’d save him and then he could save Hannah. Regardless, I’d pick Harry over Hannah. I love Hannah, but Harry’s been with me for over a decade, man. That’s commitment, that is.

10. If you could change the title characters’ order in the credits for #4, what order would you choose?
Star Wars – Um, Chewbacca would be first? But really, I don’t care so much.

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like and what would their role be?
HSM – Um, I’d put me in. Cos I so regret not going to a high school where they frequently burst into song and dance when they can’t work out their problems. My role would be ‘girl in the corner with the nose spray’, because that’s pretty much my role in life currently, except I don’t use my nose spray… She’d actually be the most talented person in the whole school and everyone would fall inlove with her (yes, even the girls) once they realised how sexy the nose spray was. Oh, and then nose sprays would become trendy, like heroin or something.
Look! Sharpay taught me to walk in heels! (pls click the image for the complete text, i’ll shrink it later, i promise!)

12. What happens in your favourite episode of show #2?
Twilight – Episode? Um… Well this could be chapter or book I guess… But my favourite bit is probably when Mike and Jake and Bella all go to the movies and Mike vomits. I so would’ve held his hair back… Even though his hair is too short to hold back.

13. If you could kill off one of the characters of #1, who would it be and how would you do it?
Harry Potter – I think JK Rowling kills off enough characters for all of us, so how about I bring one of them back to life? Clearly I’d bring back Snape. Or Movie-Cedric, as long as it was after Cho had met her muggle lover (cos did you know she marries a muggle? what a loser… oh wait I’m a muggle… um yeah, anyways…) …wait where was I? Oh yeah, Movie-Cedric, as long as I could sex him up good. Cos he’s hot.
Maybe, if I couldn’t bring back someone to life, I’d kill off Marcus Flint for having bad teeth.

14. If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose?
GG & HM – Oh man! How difficult! Well, I guess, because Gilmore Girls has finished, so I’d go on the set of Hannah Montana. Hannah and I would become best friends.
But I’d have to pick Gilmore Girls if that was still going, cos I could run around Yale and drink ‘faux coffee’ cola with Alexis Bledel and have a talkfast-off with Lauren Graham (I’d win) and I’d dance naked on the gazebo and everyone would be thoroughly disturbed by my naked body.

15. So, I saved the best question for last. If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person?
I think we all know the answer to this question, but I’ll say it just for confirmations sake: Edward, duh. Who wouldn’t? But I’m not going to go stalk Rob Pattinson, cos that’s creepy and he can’t catch a break from those little marriage craving tweenies. Even if he is gorgeous, cos he was like Movie-Cedric as well… Mind you, maybe I should go after him? Poor bloke can’t get a date… Man, what is the world coming to when a hottie like that can’t find a girl? *offers self up for sacrifice, but not in a creepy way, cos i’m not like that…* lol.


Think you can do better? Prove it. I bet you so can’t, cos you epic fail.

I know! It’s been far too long since I last blogged, but I’ve had some interweb issues. They are all resolved and should not occur again. However, exams begin Monday so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to… oh who am I kidding? What better use of my procrastinatory time is there other than my blog? I won’t be going anywhere.

So what’s happened since I discovered my secret twin? Well…

First of all, I’d like to clap clap for America for voting in Barack Obama as their 44th President! As an Australian resident, it probably doesn’t really matter what I think, but I am pleased with the outcome.

See, if absolutely nothing else, the election of Obama has no doubt improved the way America is perceived by the rest of the world. You know, we were starting to hate on the USA and all, and this election has given them a few brownie points. Clap clap for America! And congratulations Barack Obama. I was rooting for you!

At the same time, I’d like to congratulate John McCain.

Now, why, you ask, would I want to congratulate the LOSER of the American Presidential election?

Well, John McCain ran, knowing full well he would not be able to avoid comparisons to George Bush. It’s unfortunate, that due to Bush’s failures, John McCain never stood a chance. Even though he tried so hard to distinguish himself, even though he made it VERY clear that he did not support Bush, even though he had alot of great policies himself and is, in my opinion, no doubt a competant man (unlike Bush).

I’d like to think that had John McCain run in an alternate universe, where Bush hadn’t destroyed the reputation of the Republican party and America, he would not have been judged so harshly. He DID have some good policies and maybe if he was a little younger and hadn’t had to compete against someone as captivating and inspiring as Obama, McCain would’ve made a decent US President.

Don’t go jumping to conclusions! I was fully, 100% pro-Obama – I just felt McCain had it pretty rough, thanks to a certain evil dimwit. (Oh and Sarah Palin didn’t help either, unfortunately. She seems like a lovely lady, but she was just so NOT right for the position.)

I was watching the news last night, and one political reporter put it quite right when he said: “The Republican Party wasn’t always evil!” and despite the feeling that I’d probably join the Democrats if I were American, I think he was right – just as our Liberal Party wasn’t always perceived as ‘evil’ either.

I didn’t intend to ramble on about US politics this long, so I’ll wrap it up: Obama, congratulations. America, clap clap to you. McCain, I hope I see you continue to try and mend the reputation of your party, you seemed like a pretty decent candidate. That’s all on that topic!

What’s next on the agenda? Oh yes, I wanted to share with you my favourite picture on the interwebs! It has been my favourite for some time and I have yet to see anything more amazing online. (I can’t remember where I found it though, so if anyone does, I’d love to give the creator credit!)

But without further ado, I give you:


lol! Have you ever seen anything as good as that? No, you haven’t. Don’t try and tell me you have, either! I KNOW YOU’RE LYING! It’s epic. So simple, so fantastically hilarious.

Ok, I also have some other fun news. I posted this news on my other blog, here. Another reminder of how due to Perth’s incestously small size. If the gossip is true, I can now play “6 degrees of separation” with so many famous people! Because I have nothing better to do with my time… lol.

What I’ve always wanted to do was link myself back to KEVIN BACON!


I have now successfully accomplished this task. It’s not quite six degrees, but it’s enough for now – I will continue to seek to decrease the degrees between us in the future. Wait! I lie! I’m 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon! Well, if you don’t have to count me as one of the ‘degrees’… If you do, then it’s 7! Yay! Kevin Bacon! Maybe, if you ask nicely, I’ll share with you my degrees to Mr. Footloose himself. I know you’re just green with envy.

Now as all of the above is alot of information to absorb and comprehend, I will go back to study. But fear not! I will be back quicker than you can say “Georgia, you are ridiculous!”.

Leave your love in comment form!


Rob & Me (but not rly)

Why, hello 2006 Robert Pattinson signing headshots of yourself as Cedric Diggory.

Why yes, you are incredibly good looking.

Why yes, that may infact be me sitting next to you, looking absolutely darling in a hideous maroon tshirt and tacky surf jewelry.

Why yes, I am imagining you naked, hence the glazed expression.

Why yes, I am biting my thumb because I’m so nervous being in the presence of your hotness.

Too bad I was in year 12 and had long hair in 2006, because pretty sure whoever that is is my secret twin who my parents shipped off to the other side of the world at birth. Pretty sure I also wish that was me, because have you looked at the clearly gorgeous boy sitting next to secret twin me?

Also pretty sure I bite my nails and my secret twin does not. Shame, I thought we’d have more in common. Although, it’s obvious from my secret twins UGLY SHIRT! that we do not.

Of course, to anyone that matters, I’m going to pretend that’s me. Because I can. And because everyone will be so jealous.

Dear Spunk Ransom,

I hope one day, when we meet, you will remember me from this time when this photograph was taken. (even though it isn’t me, but you won’t be able to tell!)

I also hope you will compliment me on how dramatically my sense of style and fashion has improved.

I further hope you will let me kidnap you and auction bits of you (hair, nail clippings, faeces) off to your cashed up tweenie fanbase (who once hated you, lord knows why*) so that I might save up enough money to go and gamble in Las Vegas for my 21st birthday.

I lastly hope you will take me back to Britain with you and introduce me to Nigella Lawson.


p.s. I would also say I would like to have your babies – because I know they’d be very attractive – but that’s creepy like Hagrid’s special secrets in the Forbidden Forest are creepy. So I won’t say that.

*excuse me, cashed up tweenies who once sent hate mail to Spunk, Cedric Diggory was so cool and then Voldermort killed him and turned him into a vampire, it makes PERFECT logical sense, so whatevs in your face, tweenies

That is all for tonight, folks.

And please! Hide those green eyed monsters!

Your Leader,

p.p.s. Credit to Topaz Shadows for the image. And you can find many more photos of Robert and my secret twin right HERE!

MAJOR EDIT: CHECK OUT THIS ONE! Yeah, bet my secret twin’s name is Liz. And I bet she’s totally hanging out in that den of sin right about now… 😛 (Liz in the den of Sin… Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…)

Uni recommenced today, for me. Yesterday for everyone else. I don’t do Mondays.


I currently reside in Contract Law – the most deathly of death classes that you could possibly take. Infact, it’s so deathly that if I talk about it any longer, death might just appear in the form of the GRIM REAPER and take me away to death land. Then I’d have to find my way out of hell, Bill & Ted style.

Having said all that, that does sound kind of:
figure 6: Bill & Ted & Georgia’s Most Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey!

Anyways, as I have previously stated, I truely do not understand contract law. At all. End of story. Ok?

But hey, I had politics earlier. That was fun.

DVM (aka the most superior lecturer ever) discussed justice and how we create the most ideal ustice system. Apparently, if we sit behind a “veil of ignorance”, according to some philosopher man, Rolls, (he’s a-rollin’-rollin’-rollin’), where we don’t know our gender or race or class or talents or anything, we can think up the fairest justice system possible. This is because we don’t know where we stand in society so we have to decide what the best system is that will suit us, no matter where we end up.

The whole idea of this ‘veil of ignorance’ is that the most ideal form of justice will be created because we want to be in an ideal position no matter where we end up when we come out from behind thie ‘veil’.

Really, the whole thing just makes me think of Sirius Black from Harry Potter, falling through that veil in Order of the Phoenix and subsequently dying.

Do we die behind the veil of ignorance? Well, I believe so. Because our individual selves cease to exist, we don’t know who we are, what we’re capable of, we just know that there’s potential that we’ll come out the other side and fit in somewhere and we’ve got to work out the best system that will suit us no matter where we come out. Daunting, truly daunting.

And creepy how I can draw parallels between politics and Harry Potter. Man I’m a Potternut.

Anyways, I’m not convinced. I don’t think we can just work out the most ideal justice system if we are ignorant to ourselves. Cos we might potentially be ignorant to others then – which means we might be ignorant to all the possibilities of places we might end up, and then we’d just be screwed.

Alas, I must run. Places to do, people to go and things to see. I mean… whatever. I don’t know what I mean. xoxo.

I’m watching the MTV VMAs, not somehting I’d normally do, but I’ve been promised a glimpse of Robert Pattinson, and how can I say no to Cedric Diggory himself? Also, the Joe Bros are performing their new single and Miley Cyrus is up for best new pop or something like that.

Taylor Launter (Jacob Black, Twilight) is sitting behind the girl who kissed a girl and she liked it, Katy Perry. (But who truthfully didn’t actually ever kiss a girl so doesn’t really know what she’s on about, so whatevs.)

BRITNEY JUST WON BEST POP! After 16 nominations in previous years, and she thanks God first and foremost, and her babies and she is giving the award to her fans.

Ok, I haven’t mentioned this already, but Russel Brand is actually a really annoying host. Sorry, there’s so much going on to keep up with. Hahaha. OH PETE WENTZ! He’s rather pretty. He’s talking about Miley Cyrus.

Katy Perry is going to sing Like a Virgin tonight, covering Madonna, and that’s where my title cae from… a very poor joke by Russel Brand. Seriously man, SHUT UP and bring Robert Pattinson out! I NEED EYE CANDY! Also, don’t cut him off like I know you’re going to do. He has a very sexy british accent, unlike yours, and should be heard by all for ever. Also, Katie is humiliated for you and the UK, Russel Brand. Go away, yo. And your haircut DOES look like a hobos so whatevs in your face!

This list of nominees is so poor I haven’t even barely paid attention to it. Best Male Video… How about best objectification of women with bad music?

Katie is getting frustrated because she can’t see the fans, the common people, the crowd. It’s just the famous people. I don’t care, as long as I see Rob.

OMG THE JONAS BROTHERS! YAY! THEY’RE ON NOW! YAY! Who’s Taylor Swift? She’s introducing them. I don’t care about her. Excuse me, put on the Joe Bros! WHOA! JOE BROS! Whoa! Look at that tiny little electic guitar. Like an electric ukelele. They’re singing to me, I’m sure of it. Wheeee! lol. Oh look, Kevin is playing the tiny little electric ukelele! Amazing!

WHOA! Suddenly the whole set just changed and people are RUNNING at the Joe Bros! And they’ve swapped guitars, they have real big manly guitars now! WHOA! People climbing out of windows! WHOA! WHOA! Yeah man, that’s what happens when you hold the VMAs in Hollywood, I tell ya. A riot, all around. Katie is excited, she found the crowd.

Katy Perry only wears little body suits, does she have nothing else in her wardrobe? Seriously, Katy Perry, get a stylist, or some new clothes. And she has like a sparkly sequined banana on her outfit, that she’s peeling. How phallic, Katy Perry. You’re so sexual and girl-kissing but not really. Epic phail.

OH NO! Dad’s changed the channel! NO! GO BACK! GO BACK!

Look, it’s an Olympian. Now we all know how I feel about Olympians. He’s introducing some singer I don’t know. I don’t know why I watch these shows, seriously, I don’t even like this music. (Well, except Miley Cyrus and the Joe Bros, that’s it.) WHOA! It’s a tiny little midget without a shirt on! Looks like Nathan. Oh and his pants are so low that his whole ass is hanging out and his bum in his tightie blackies is kind’ve saggy baggy, looks like he’s pooped his pants. WHOA! Fully dressed man just joined him on stage. Is this some kind of comparison thing? Two very different men, one naked, one dressed, singing together. How deep and symbolic, MTV.

Ok, Russel Brand just complimented their dancing. Was that dancing? Weird. I thought it was an epileptic fit.

I’m counting down the time until Twilight are on. They’ll be on soon. YAY!

The Pussycat Dolls just thanked the troops in Iraq for their award. Uh-huh.


The voice over just totally ragged on Harry Potter, bitches, Harry Potter is the greatest thing ever in the world next to me, don’t diss it.

This has to be my longest post yet. It’ll be done in an hour, when this show ends. OOH YAY! It’s time for Rob! Pete Wentz, get off the stage, I know you’re pretty cool and Fall Out Boy-ish but you’re not Rob! BRING ROB ON!





Rob is so hot.

OH MY GOD! SIXTUPLE TWILIGHT! The screen just showed SIXTUPLE TWILIGHT! That’s Rob six times across my screen! Too bad RUSSEL BRAND just cut his sexy British accent off with that annoying one. So frustrating.

Paramore is singing about the business of misery, Miley is on in 12 mins. Paramore are wearing tight yellow jeans. Uh huh. Man she has a big voice.

WHOA! There’s the rent-a-crowd again! They ran pretty fast across town! Seriously, apparently this particular performance is blocks away from where the Joe Bros were. Insane. Rent-a-crowds move fast.

Miley is singing 7 things in 8 minutes. YAY!

Linkin Park won best rock video. They’re not even rock, they’re just crap.


My god Russel Brand, leave Miley Cyrus alone, ffs. She’s so much cooler than you, her alter ego is famous!

Wait… what?

They promised me Miley singing and all I got was Miley introducing Pink! RIDICULOUS! THAT IS NOT COOL! THAT’S SUPER UNAWESOME! Seriously.

Change the channel during Pink, do not care about Pink and her throwing things at mirrors. Vain, having mirros on stage, so vain.

Katie’s keeping me posted, as dad is watching the footy. Seriously, it’s Monday night. Not a footy night! Apparently, Pink has just stripped from her dress into a leotard. Trying to be sexual like Katy Perry, are you Pink? Do you wanna kiss a girl and like it too?

I MISSED THE TING TINGS! No fair! I love the Ting Tings!
I ALSO JUST MISSED MCLOVIN! WHAT?! I do not want to watch the football. I want to watch McLovin. It’s ok, I found the clip on YouTube. Man I love the interwebs. I’ll comment on it later.

Hey! This girl hast just come on and defended the Joe Bros promise to be a virgin rings. Hahaha, in your face Russel Brand, she doesn’t like you either! She doesn’t wanna be a slut like you.

Some guy is singing about how I can do whatever I like. Yeah well, if I could do that, I’d get this without having to jump through to the footy that isn’t even the real footy. I don’t watch faux-footy, thank you very much.

He’s singing in the backlot. He’s in a sexy car in the backlot. They’re gonna have sex in the backlot? This has children watching. HE’S DRIVING AND SINGING INTO A HAND HELD MICROPHONE! That’s ridiculous! Like… wait… The car is on one of those moving things. Hollywood is full of lies.

Oh! Whoa! It’s that song that goes miyah hee miyah ooh miyah ahh miyah ah ah! Rhianna is back, she’s singing again. She sounds much better this time around, less sick. She has also gotten rid of her thunder thighs that spilled over the top of her thigh high boots from before. Good choice, Rhianna.
WHOA! Midget man in a glowing light. And there are the Joe Bros dancing to Rhianna and the tiny man. Same man from before? I’m not sure. They’re both small.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IN 5 MINUTES! YES! I love HSM! Seriously, can you feel the excitment I’m feeling? You should! This is so cool.

HSM IS IN THE HOUSE! They look so old. So old. They’re introducing X-Tina. She’s singing some really disturbing song. Man, her and Rhianna should’ve talked before, because Rhianna’s disturbia was full on and leather clad and spooky just like this. Boring. One of you needs to think of your own ideas.

Notice, HSM were not interupted like Twilight? Seriously, Twilight are far superior – althought HSM are cool – and Rob > Zac Efron.

This post is getting way too long to manage. I might have to go back and edit it when the VMAs are over, and give you guys just the bear necessities (the simple bear necessities of life) so that you know what went on.

I’m missing Chace Crawford! If I remember, he’s a hottie. WHY AM I MISSING THE EYE CANDY! My god!
It’s ok, there’s a photo of him on the website.

I think I’ll critique the fashion after this, because I feel like it and because I love Miley’s dress.

YO YO YO YO YO! Yeah, just stand there, man in the green shirt, and scream YO YO YO YO into a microphone. You’re so trendy. LL Cool J. Yeah, you even let people know you’re cool in your name.

PARIS HILTON! And her new show BFF! Cos everyone wants to be Paris Hilton’s BFF?

Best Pop Video! JOE BROS! Britney. Tokio Hotel??? Danity Kane??? Panic! At the Disco.


Britney won again! Man, why is this Britney’s year? Why is she speechless? Why wasn’t Britney’s year the year of HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME?

There’s a band called Metro Station. God, just change your name to Metrosexual and be done with it!

Russel Brand, I’ve been avoiding you, by watching the footy – but not voluntarily. I would avoid you voluntarily though.

WHOA! DRAKE AND JOSH! Hahah, Josh looks like a mafia dude and Drake looks like a nerd. They’re here to present KID ROCK! Kid Rock is poor. He’s holding a cup, mum reckons he’s drinking water, that’s why he’s got a paper towel wrapped around it. To hide the fact that he’s not as hardcore as he thinks he is. Poor effort, Kid Rock. And sing one of your own songs, right. Go back to your Sweet Home Albama.

Hey! It’s Wil.I.Am! He’s singing with Kid Rock. Why? I thought you had some Dign.I.Ty, Wil.I.Am.

Best Video is about to be announced. Most of these songs are really poor. Ok, the Ting Tings are so awesome… wait why did Britney win? Again, why is this Britney’s year?

GO AWAY RUSSEL BRAND! Oh good, he’s going. Look, he’s leaving. With Britney. Fantastic.

Kanye West is closing the show. What happened to Miley? Excuse me, I got gipped. I watched this whole thing, and I didn’t get Miley. Yes, I got Twilight and the Joe Bros, but I WANTED MILEY!

Kanye is singing some poor song about whatever, so whilst the VMAs wrap up for 2008, I’ll wrap up this incredibly long blog.

Stay tuned for my VMA fashion critiquing in the next post.


The other day I went and took my pen (with a feather attached to it, quill style, from the Deathly Hallows release) from Angus, cos it was mine.

Today, I find the feather is gone from my pen.

Apparently it’s bad luck, and someone took it off my pen when I was at work! EXCUSE ME! I had to plot my movements carefully to obtain my pen that I left behind at my old job!

Not happy Jan.

In other news, I am currently writing my contract assignment.

This is what I think of my contract assignment:

figure 5: Georgia destroys paper in anger.

Seriously, do I really care? Contract is all about money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world. (Check my ABBA reference, schwing!) Yeah, get over it, there’s more to life than money, seriously. And also, isn’t trying to sue a charity morally wrong? Even if that charity breached a contract where they’d pay you for your work? Whatevs says I, whatevs.

I wanna paint my bedroom walls.

p.s. apparently I’ve been carrying around a sign that says “I’m quitting law.” and thus annoying people. Where’s the sign? I cannot find the sign? Seriously, contract law is bumming me out.

I am learning about document titles, which are very special important bits of paper, but I clearly and obviously don’t know anything about them nor will I ever understand them, as a boy just asked for some examples and our tutor was like: “No! You will not understand it is very complex blah blah blah.”

Clearly these pieces of paper as not that important, otherwise she’d want us to know about them… Unless they’re so important they’re too important for our ears! WHOA! Can you imagine that? How important! Wonder what’s on them, ASIO’s secret password? How to get to Diagon Alley? (Because it’s not through Collins…) Edward Cullen’s address? (My god, please let it be.) It better be, considering how important she’s making them sound.

I’m a little bored, as you can imagine. I don’t get this case but I won’t ask. I’ll look it up online later, or ask dad, who knows… Someone who makes more sense than the small, fast-talking lady up the front of the class. TOO FAST! She talks like me, and we all know I can’t be a lecturer becaue I talk as fast as a werewolf runs.

I am now a blogger. I shall be famous! Like the TwilightGuy or something!

There’s Something About Georgia…

excuse me! welcome to my blog.
be in awe. i know you are.
my skin glows neon in the sun.
i enjoy bad pick up lines.

Suitable Responses to my Blogging:

WTG - What the Georgia?
WWGT - What was Georgia thinking?
I am in awe.