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The GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE HAPPENED THIS WEEK! I was lucky enough to be chosen to meet Lady Gaga in a radio competition here in Australia.

I happened to be in Adelaide visiting my grandparents and cousins when I got the call – and had to pack up and fly out for 24 hours with my cousin, Katie, accompaying me to the best 30 mins of my life.

I had also met Maggie Beer (my foodie idol) a few days earlier, making this past week possibly the most magic of my life!

On Sunday afternoon, after a quick visit to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, we dolled ourselves up especially for Gaga and headed to meet her. We had to wait about an hour, due to he being held up by press, and we nearly got kicked out by hotel security twice (they thought we were fans from outside – well we were fans obviously, but we were with her record label!)

We finally got to head up to meet her. I was a blubbering, nervous wreck. And Gaga, I apologise for this. I have always fantasised about what I would ask you – I have a million questions – but the moment the radio called me and told me I’d won, I lost the plot. All I could think about was that I GOT TO MEET YOU – the woman who inspires me to remember that I am just fine the way I am when I sometimes feel like letting people take advantage of me and try to change me (which does happen, despite the fact that I am generally very sure of myself). I couldn’t remember any of the things I wanted to ask you!

I also don’t think I made much sense of the gift I gave you. They are pearls sourced from Western Australia, where I live, and they are uniquely Australian. Mum works for the company (Kailis), so we picked them out together as we wanted you to have something special from Australia that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. I hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to sell the company to you – I just wanted you to like them. And you seemed thrilled, and you were so genuine and YOU WERE EXACTLY HOW I HOPED YOU’D BE! So friendly!

Not that I expect you to read my little blog… But oh how I adore you, Gaga! Thank you for singing ‘Hair’ to us (it’s probably my favourite song on the album, along with Highway Unicorn, so i was thrilled!) and thank you for being so chatty and warm and you have no idea how excited we all were before and afterwards. There was lots of squealing downstairs, afterwards.

Best. Day. Ever!

Good morning to all thou who follow me faithfully, religiously (very few) and those who I force to read my words of exceptional wisdom (most people),

On the night of Friday the 21st of August, I, Georgia, will be attending the annual UWA Blackstone Society Law Ball. That’s right, me, me, me, me, me, me… ME AT BALL! (or, more suitably, meatball!)

I still haven’t selected a dress to wear! (Although have managed to narrow it down to a choice of three.) And I honestly actually currently do NOT own a pair of suitable shoes to wear to this ball! And I certainly haven’t even THOUGHT about my hair yet!!! Is this not utterly ridiculous?

Well, atleast I’ve got me a dress… *cough cough Katieeeeeee* (let’s go shopping!)

So, as it must appear, I am more than excited and stressed over this Friday evening approaching us, especially considering the success of last year where Jo and I ate broccolini covered in mash ‘tato that resulted in some very interestingly placed stains over my brand new dress… (sad face!)

In conclusion: YAY LAW BALL! I love pretty (and some ugly) people all extra prettified (p.s. Ellen Degeneres is Bookmaster! – she just announced that on the television) and is pretty (and some ugly) dresses with fancy-looking food (that really isn’t that fancy) served alongside unlimited cheap champagne! EPIC TIMES AHEAD!

In other news: my friend Anne completed the painting she was comissioned to do for Devilles (which is an epic night out venue in Perth) and its commencement of display is imminent (ie this week!). So I demand, loyal and unloyal readers, that you all head STRAIGHT down to Devilles (your local epic night out venue) and check out the amazing artwork of the amazing girl that is Anne! YAY!

Good day.

the first topic on the agenda is me. and how i am so pleased that the world is (slowly) beginning to recognise me and how absolutely amazing i happen to be. (i just wish it would hurry up!)

proof of this fact came to me in a photo today from my katie, who is in north america (of which we will discuss more further down)

so let me now unveil this photo to all you good, georgia-loving people of the world:


as you can see, my name appears three times on this building. i have even circled them for you in bright yellow for easy spotting. clearly, this building is being built in honour of me and quite clearly that amazing man in the yellow is one of these georgia-worshippers who is helping such a fantastic architectual monument to me be constructed!

so, vancouver (where this building site is), i thank you for your gracious offering to my good self, however i shall be unable to attend the opening ceremony, as i am under high demand and shan’t be able to make it to your fair city.

however, i do promise to pop by sometime in the future! lay out the pink carpet for me!


but enough about me and my building, we have other matters to cover!

we discussed tort law last post. let us continue this. just briefly.

today we studied a case where a rolls royce was involved in two accidents (both the other cars’ fault, not the rolls royce), two weeks apart.

the first accident caused much damage, but the rolls royce wasn’t repaired before the second crash occurred therefore only the guy in the FIRST accident was liable, and not the second.

this sounds a lot like Donna’s (my big blue car) encounter with the pole… because the bumper bar was already damaged (due to a previous ding), i am not liable for the bumper bar, meaning that i only have to claim the broken light. and as a tiny baby, this makes the whole ordeal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less expensive, because dad claiming the bumper bar = cheaper than me claiming the bumper bar.

and it turns out, because i applied this real life incident to tort law, i was right.

clearly, my life = tort law. fucking creeping me out.

in other news, katie has departured from canadia, but is still in north america. she is in seattle, being ravaged by vampires and keeping her eye out for werewolves. she’s good at that.

recently she stumbled across the outskirts of the set for new moon, the new twi-movie, in canadia, proving once and for all: canadia is a dangerous, vampire infested country! FEAR IT! or go there and find your sparkly true love and marry him/her and have creepy perfect half breed babies with retarded names.
your choice.

but really, i just miss katie and wish she’d just leave america and come home already, really. i’m counting the days. it’s pretty soon. just over a month now…

in even more news, i want a job at the ABC, if anyone from the ABC (that’s the Australian one, people) happens to read this blog, please give me a job! i shall work for free. i’m good at that.

in some very exciting television news: YAY! YAY! YAY! they’re back! super excited.

and for the shiggles: man china never fails to astound me with its whackness

yeah, i’m an ABC-whore, sue me. or get me a job there. really.

i watched the logies last night, should’ve blogged them, i may attempt to recap them later, but in the mean time i will mention that rebecca gibney won the gold logie and i am thrilled cos she’s pretty freaking awesome and isn’t annoying like those stupid neighbours/home&away stars who really don’t do anything but eventually get killed off the show. yay rebecca gibney!


This semesters legal unit of choice is TORT LAW! Yay…

Ok, but really. First lesson up was all about that special little Snail in the Bottle, yeah. (Seriously, click that, you’ll shit yourself laughing.)

Now, I’ve studied that snail in that bottle so many times, I almost want to open a snail orphanage, for all those unwanted snails found in bottles… And I don’t know where this is going, it’s clearly not funny.

In other news, St Patricks Day is tomorow, and that means green hats and green beer and so much green, especially snot and puke, which is best in green… This is an incredbily important day… and I just told Matthew I was looking at Katie’s cock… I meant clock. Again, unsure why I am typing this, I have verbal diharroea and am epicly trying to procrastinate on reading up on Asian politics.

Oh yeah! So, let’s talk about something more fun. Specifically, Tesni, Alex and I went out on Saturday night to celebrate Katie’s birthday, despite the fact that Katie is ALL the way in Canadia-land…


This is where I spent most of my evening… Sorry Katie, food > you. 😛

The happy couple reunited!

Tesni moves so stealthy, notice how she snuck so subtly into this photo here?

We’re all in this together… And something about nosesprays from my last HSM joke…

Man, how awesome that we could go ALL the way to Canadia just for Katie!

Until next time.

Twas the night before Christmas, and… twas the only time of year we bloody use the word ’twas’! It’s such a fantastic word, we should use it more often. I hereby advocate for the increased use of the word ’twas’ all year round!

So, retailmania is over and we had champagne to celebrate! I now have to wait, as due to double demerits AND only just getting my P plates (YAY!) mere days ago, I cannot take the risk driving even with just the slightest hint of booze in the system.

I’m also in the process of packing for my month long journey of Europe – I’m having alot of trouble trying to work out which airports are where and how on earth to book my final flight from Paris back to London! It’s absolutely much too confusing for my poor retail-frazzled brain.

So, I can’t be bothered posting my Twilight movie review on my Twi-blog, so after completing this holiday season post, I will post my Twi-review – which might even be MORE epic than my HSM3 review. And that is truly saying something epic.

This year we sold like a hundred billion copies of The Snowball; aka Warren Buffet’s biography, aka a Weapon of Mass Destruction within its own little hardcovered black and gold self. We also sold a hundred billion copies of Dawn French’s memoirs, Matt Price’s book of columnistic titbits and maybe a million billion copies of New Moon (Twilight#2). The Twi-sales may have actually caused me to be OVER Twilight!

OMG! Did the world just end? Did Georgia say she was MAYBE over Twilight? Well yes – but only when it involves discussing the novel with underage tweenie twats who know nothing about nothing and get really, personaly offended when you tell them you are Team Mike, New Moon is your favourite book and you think Edward might be a closet gay.

…Yes, despite being one of the biggest Twilighters in Australia, I have still managed to retain my indie-cred, dignity AND sense of humour, ok? Fear not, I shan’t succumb to Edwardmania and purchase these truly epic gems of merchandising that must be seen to be believed.

Not even I want Robert Pattinson’s glarey face to keep me toasty warm during the night. That goes far beyond creepy… infact, it’s so far past creepy, it’s getting back arond close to normal! THAT’S SUPER INTENSE CREEPY!

Although, I did ask my boss if we could maybe order in this life size cut out of our favourite hottie vampire for the shop. True hilarity would ensue if we displayed THAT piece of awesome in our shop window. (Oh and us casuals would get no work done as we would spend the whole day swooning… But let’s just keep that between us.)

I also saw this amazing billboard the other day. It said:

DRINK SPRITE! It makes you sexy!*

*You must already be sexy.

…Or something like that. Best billboard ever.

So, I’m gonna wrap this up here, because my Twi-review is going to be so epic that it might even cause WordPress to crash. I also have to drive to Katie’s (I am now ok to drive, I had the tiny little sip of champers almost two hours ago) and pick up the last little bit of Chloe’s birthday present!

I’m leaving on December 28th for Europe and will be back on January 28th 2009 – however I hope to blog for you all when I am on my travels!

So, Merry whatever-you-celebrate and have the most AWESOME NYE possible without me and I’ll see you all super soon, I promise!

Lots of love and hugs and red and green cheer and maybe some mistletoe,
Your best and favourite,

p.s. we have a MAYBE on ordering the life size cut out into our store!

My cousin Katie, who is pretty cool and lives in Adelaide, turned 21 the other day.

I didn’t actually get to go to her party, because I am in Perth and she is in Adelaide. As I previously stated.

So let’s do the time warp again, so I can attend the party!

*goes back in time*


Ok! I’m back! And I took some pretty epic photos.

Check them out:

Me and Uncle Phil and Aunty Kerry at the beginning of the night. As you can see, we’re pretty hot, especially them, considering how old they are.

Katie is not really that interested in her drink, she is too busy checking me out in my incredibly hot blue dress.

Here is me with some people I don’t know. Notice how smug I look because no one seems to have noticed my outfit change.

Here is me, after yet another outfit change, having a laugh with the oldies. Why are there always so many oldies at 21sts? Lol.

Here’s me with some of my cousins, and some strangers. As you can see, the reason I’ve had to do so many outfit changes is because Meg stole my first dress! Watch me shake my fist at you, Meg!

Finally, after one last dress change and a bit of insta-tan-in-a-can, I put on my best party hat and made a speech about my favourite and best cousin.

Happy Birthday Katie!

The End.

I’m watching the MTV VMAs, not somehting I’d normally do, but I’ve been promised a glimpse of Robert Pattinson, and how can I say no to Cedric Diggory himself? Also, the Joe Bros are performing their new single and Miley Cyrus is up for best new pop or something like that.

Taylor Launter (Jacob Black, Twilight) is sitting behind the girl who kissed a girl and she liked it, Katy Perry. (But who truthfully didn’t actually ever kiss a girl so doesn’t really know what she’s on about, so whatevs.)

BRITNEY JUST WON BEST POP! After 16 nominations in previous years, and she thanks God first and foremost, and her babies and she is giving the award to her fans.

Ok, I haven’t mentioned this already, but Russel Brand is actually a really annoying host. Sorry, there’s so much going on to keep up with. Hahaha. OH PETE WENTZ! He’s rather pretty. He’s talking about Miley Cyrus.

Katy Perry is going to sing Like a Virgin tonight, covering Madonna, and that’s where my title cae from… a very poor joke by Russel Brand. Seriously man, SHUT UP and bring Robert Pattinson out! I NEED EYE CANDY! Also, don’t cut him off like I know you’re going to do. He has a very sexy british accent, unlike yours, and should be heard by all for ever. Also, Katie is humiliated for you and the UK, Russel Brand. Go away, yo. And your haircut DOES look like a hobos so whatevs in your face!

This list of nominees is so poor I haven’t even barely paid attention to it. Best Male Video… How about best objectification of women with bad music?

Katie is getting frustrated because she can’t see the fans, the common people, the crowd. It’s just the famous people. I don’t care, as long as I see Rob.

OMG THE JONAS BROTHERS! YAY! THEY’RE ON NOW! YAY! Who’s Taylor Swift? She’s introducing them. I don’t care about her. Excuse me, put on the Joe Bros! WHOA! JOE BROS! Whoa! Look at that tiny little electic guitar. Like an electric ukelele. They’re singing to me, I’m sure of it. Wheeee! lol. Oh look, Kevin is playing the tiny little electric ukelele! Amazing!

WHOA! Suddenly the whole set just changed and people are RUNNING at the Joe Bros! And they’ve swapped guitars, they have real big manly guitars now! WHOA! People climbing out of windows! WHOA! WHOA! Yeah man, that’s what happens when you hold the VMAs in Hollywood, I tell ya. A riot, all around. Katie is excited, she found the crowd.

Katy Perry only wears little body suits, does she have nothing else in her wardrobe? Seriously, Katy Perry, get a stylist, or some new clothes. And she has like a sparkly sequined banana on her outfit, that she’s peeling. How phallic, Katy Perry. You’re so sexual and girl-kissing but not really. Epic phail.

OH NO! Dad’s changed the channel! NO! GO BACK! GO BACK!

Look, it’s an Olympian. Now we all know how I feel about Olympians. He’s introducing some singer I don’t know. I don’t know why I watch these shows, seriously, I don’t even like this music. (Well, except Miley Cyrus and the Joe Bros, that’s it.) WHOA! It’s a tiny little midget without a shirt on! Looks like Nathan. Oh and his pants are so low that his whole ass is hanging out and his bum in his tightie blackies is kind’ve saggy baggy, looks like he’s pooped his pants. WHOA! Fully dressed man just joined him on stage. Is this some kind of comparison thing? Two very different men, one naked, one dressed, singing together. How deep and symbolic, MTV.

Ok, Russel Brand just complimented their dancing. Was that dancing? Weird. I thought it was an epileptic fit.

I’m counting down the time until Twilight are on. They’ll be on soon. YAY!

The Pussycat Dolls just thanked the troops in Iraq for their award. Uh-huh.


The voice over just totally ragged on Harry Potter, bitches, Harry Potter is the greatest thing ever in the world next to me, don’t diss it.

This has to be my longest post yet. It’ll be done in an hour, when this show ends. OOH YAY! It’s time for Rob! Pete Wentz, get off the stage, I know you’re pretty cool and Fall Out Boy-ish but you’re not Rob! BRING ROB ON!





Rob is so hot.

OH MY GOD! SIXTUPLE TWILIGHT! The screen just showed SIXTUPLE TWILIGHT! That’s Rob six times across my screen! Too bad RUSSEL BRAND just cut his sexy British accent off with that annoying one. So frustrating.

Paramore is singing about the business of misery, Miley is on in 12 mins. Paramore are wearing tight yellow jeans. Uh huh. Man she has a big voice.

WHOA! There’s the rent-a-crowd again! They ran pretty fast across town! Seriously, apparently this particular performance is blocks away from where the Joe Bros were. Insane. Rent-a-crowds move fast.

Miley is singing 7 things in 8 minutes. YAY!

Linkin Park won best rock video. They’re not even rock, they’re just crap.


My god Russel Brand, leave Miley Cyrus alone, ffs. She’s so much cooler than you, her alter ego is famous!

Wait… what?

They promised me Miley singing and all I got was Miley introducing Pink! RIDICULOUS! THAT IS NOT COOL! THAT’S SUPER UNAWESOME! Seriously.

Change the channel during Pink, do not care about Pink and her throwing things at mirrors. Vain, having mirros on stage, so vain.

Katie’s keeping me posted, as dad is watching the footy. Seriously, it’s Monday night. Not a footy night! Apparently, Pink has just stripped from her dress into a leotard. Trying to be sexual like Katy Perry, are you Pink? Do you wanna kiss a girl and like it too?

I MISSED THE TING TINGS! No fair! I love the Ting Tings!
I ALSO JUST MISSED MCLOVIN! WHAT?! I do not want to watch the football. I want to watch McLovin. It’s ok, I found the clip on YouTube. Man I love the interwebs. I’ll comment on it later.

Hey! This girl hast just come on and defended the Joe Bros promise to be a virgin rings. Hahaha, in your face Russel Brand, she doesn’t like you either! She doesn’t wanna be a slut like you.

Some guy is singing about how I can do whatever I like. Yeah well, if I could do that, I’d get this without having to jump through to the footy that isn’t even the real footy. I don’t watch faux-footy, thank you very much.

He’s singing in the backlot. He’s in a sexy car in the backlot. They’re gonna have sex in the backlot? This has children watching. HE’S DRIVING AND SINGING INTO A HAND HELD MICROPHONE! That’s ridiculous! Like… wait… The car is on one of those moving things. Hollywood is full of lies.

Oh! Whoa! It’s that song that goes miyah hee miyah ooh miyah ahh miyah ah ah! Rhianna is back, she’s singing again. She sounds much better this time around, less sick. She has also gotten rid of her thunder thighs that spilled over the top of her thigh high boots from before. Good choice, Rhianna.
WHOA! Midget man in a glowing light. And there are the Joe Bros dancing to Rhianna and the tiny man. Same man from before? I’m not sure. They’re both small.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IN 5 MINUTES! YES! I love HSM! Seriously, can you feel the excitment I’m feeling? You should! This is so cool.

HSM IS IN THE HOUSE! They look so old. So old. They’re introducing X-Tina. She’s singing some really disturbing song. Man, her and Rhianna should’ve talked before, because Rhianna’s disturbia was full on and leather clad and spooky just like this. Boring. One of you needs to think of your own ideas.

Notice, HSM were not interupted like Twilight? Seriously, Twilight are far superior – althought HSM are cool – and Rob > Zac Efron.

This post is getting way too long to manage. I might have to go back and edit it when the VMAs are over, and give you guys just the bear necessities (the simple bear necessities of life) so that you know what went on.

I’m missing Chace Crawford! If I remember, he’s a hottie. WHY AM I MISSING THE EYE CANDY! My god!
It’s ok, there’s a photo of him on the website.

I think I’ll critique the fashion after this, because I feel like it and because I love Miley’s dress.

YO YO YO YO YO! Yeah, just stand there, man in the green shirt, and scream YO YO YO YO into a microphone. You’re so trendy. LL Cool J. Yeah, you even let people know you’re cool in your name.

PARIS HILTON! And her new show BFF! Cos everyone wants to be Paris Hilton’s BFF?

Best Pop Video! JOE BROS! Britney. Tokio Hotel??? Danity Kane??? Panic! At the Disco.


Britney won again! Man, why is this Britney’s year? Why is she speechless? Why wasn’t Britney’s year the year of HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME?

There’s a band called Metro Station. God, just change your name to Metrosexual and be done with it!

Russel Brand, I’ve been avoiding you, by watching the footy – but not voluntarily. I would avoid you voluntarily though.

WHOA! DRAKE AND JOSH! Hahah, Josh looks like a mafia dude and Drake looks like a nerd. They’re here to present KID ROCK! Kid Rock is poor. He’s holding a cup, mum reckons he’s drinking water, that’s why he’s got a paper towel wrapped around it. To hide the fact that he’s not as hardcore as he thinks he is. Poor effort, Kid Rock. And sing one of your own songs, right. Go back to your Sweet Home Albama.

Hey! It’s Wil.I.Am! He’s singing with Kid Rock. Why? I thought you had some Dign.I.Ty, Wil.I.Am.

Best Video is about to be announced. Most of these songs are really poor. Ok, the Ting Tings are so awesome… wait why did Britney win? Again, why is this Britney’s year?

GO AWAY RUSSEL BRAND! Oh good, he’s going. Look, he’s leaving. With Britney. Fantastic.

Kanye West is closing the show. What happened to Miley? Excuse me, I got gipped. I watched this whole thing, and I didn’t get Miley. Yes, I got Twilight and the Joe Bros, but I WANTED MILEY!

Kanye is singing some poor song about whatever, so whilst the VMAs wrap up for 2008, I’ll wrap up this incredibly long blog.

Stay tuned for my VMA fashion critiquing in the next post.


There’s Something About Georgia…

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be in awe. i know you are.
my skin glows neon in the sun.
i enjoy bad pick up lines.

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