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We are once again discussiong abortion. Now, my problem with this discussion isn’t the actual topic of abortion itself. It’s the focus we put on abortion and the amount of attention it garners when mentioned.

My problem that, we spend so much time debating the issue of abortion and whether or not it’s right, we forget the core of the issue: unprotected sex.

Now, assuming that the unwanted baby is not the result of an act of rape, but rather voluntary intercourse, the question should be: Why wasn’t protection used?

See, we talk so much about the right to life and whether or not the mother has the right to abort the baby, and we push our views and we protest this issue so much that we forget about the basic education.

Shouldn’t we be protesting and pushing for the education of safe sex? Of the consequences that might occur as a result of sex, even with all precautions taken. It makes sense, really.

Of course, there’s still a slim chance that pregnancy will occur, but according to some arguments, the more precautions you take the less responsible you are. (Well, according to an argument from political philosopher Judith Thompson.)

Once again I’m not going to push my beliefs – I honestly don’t know if I’m pro-choice or pro-life, it’s a messy decision and one I’m not willing to make yet. But I never want to force someone into doing something they don’t want to, which means I guess I’m pro-choice.

Really, I’d rather just take the pro-education stance, however. Openness in discussion and easy access to proper precautions would no doubt make atleast some difference. Then maybe we wouldn’t have this issue and all would be solved.

Eh, in our dreams. 😛

I’m out.

p.s. Louise, shut up.

p.p.s. obviously my argument doesn’t cover all possible situations, like a severely deformed baby – do you abort or not? or again, in the case of rape, i didn’t delve far. that’s another post, another day.

The boy sitting infront of me looks just like Logan from Gilmore girls, and Lou just pointed out that he is not wearing shoes. Cool by me, except that it’s freezing and muddy and wet outside. What happened to the desert, Australia?

Global warming.


I am in Political Science: Contemporary Political Theory. We are discussing some very important things, such as human rights. Well, we’re only discussing human rights. We have decided that this piece of paper (which, as per my last post, may be that very important bit of paper my lecturer there was talking about) is full of lots of rubbish.

For instance, “Everyone has a right to take part in the government of this country.” Not true. As my very intelligent, best ever lecturer reminds us, fifteen year olds can’t.

I truly do enjoy this class, because we can openly violate human rights in here, like the paparazzi do.

And furthermore, why aren’t I on the committee who decides these human rights? From this lecture along, I surely have a better idea of human rights than say, anyone else on that committee. Most of these people are overly religious and narrow minded anyways, if this document is anything to go by. Seriously. I think, however, we should elect my lecturer to the human rights committee, he is awesome and knows everything and my best lecturer ever and Louise is laughing at me, but she’s really embarassing so whatever. Yeah, Louise, my god, you try being the best ever blogger. I dare you.

I should return my attention to my lecturer now. I just asked a really intelligent question about merit, who decides what it is o the basis of acceptance into higher education. Afterall, we’re not all good at exams – I suck at them.

Of course, I somehow managed to slip into higher education quite nicely and I’m smarter here than I was at school.

Yeah, eyes and ears and attention back to my lecturer, I know!

See ya later, alligators.

p.s. Lou, can I have your notes?

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