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Did you know Metro Station (aka Metrosexual, as I like to call them – see earlier entitled “Like a Virgin, Jonas Brothers…”) are the older brothers of Disney Channel stars?

That’s right. I discovered this the other day and it blew my mind. IT BLEW MY MIND MAN! And few things blow my mind like this did. The last thing to blow my mind like this was those rumours (or truthinesses?) about Jackson from Hannah Montana being 30!

Actually, this post isn’t leaving the realm of Hannah Montana. But before we go on, let me make something very super absolutely totally completely clear: I love Hannah Montana. And I often ask myself:

I bet even Hannah asks herself the very same thing:
I know I would if I were a famous teen sensation.

Infact! I bet when Miley is “just being Miley”, she too considers what Hannah Montana might do. Why wouldn’t you?

And Hannah Montana would use her Hannah Montana teen sensationess to her advantage to teach the wrong-doer a lesson and then write a song about it which would be a number one hit and then she’d make up a dance for it and get a sparkly costume to match. That’s what Hannah Montana would do. So noble.

But we’re trailing off the actual point of this post, once again.

What blew my mind? Well, I’ll tell you.

Metro Station are the older siblings of Miley Cyrus and Mitchell Musso! THEY MET ON THE SET OF HANNAH MONTANA! I, too, would’ve started a band with a fellow older sibling did I meet them on teen sensation Hannah Montana’s show. And do you wanna know why? Because I would’ve thought to myself WWHMD? And I bet that’s exactly what they did. And then they named themselves Metrosexual… I mean Metro Station.

Also, p.s., Mitchell Musso plays Oliver ‘Smokin’ Oaken on Hannah Montana.

So yeah, Metrosexual, with their piercings and tattoos they look super hardcore and all… yeah… But um, you are just Disney with tatts, really. Ok, Metrosexual? Go play on Hannah Montana and maybe then I will listen to you. That’s how I discovered the Joe Bros, afterall. Everyone knew that was meant to be, me and the Joe Bros, not just friends.

Yes, ok, Metrosexual. You better come out of your closet and admit you’re just Disney. And you’ll always be Disney. Because you’re Hannah Montana’s brother…




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