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ok so we’ve shopped, we did some museums and we went on a tour and saw westminster abbey (and other, lesser important, sites) it was amazing but it’s bloody freezing. i have lots of photos to show you all!

new years was negative six degrees, jo, davies and i did the british museums and we had a blast mimicking the dinosaurs, which we also have photos of.

um, we went to Trafalgar square for new years, couldn’t see the fireworks, were all very drunk and very cold and it was pretty epic cos we all kept falling over and i was laughing at absolutely nothing – or something, i have no idea.

i bought some postcards and poststamps to send you all love home, and i also went to see wicked! the musical, which was absolutely amazing.

matt has promised me a bookstore visit on the 2nd of january. i can’t wait. love love love bookstores. especially my bookstore ^_^

we all slept til 12 today, cos we didn’t get home til 3am and we were so tired. we’re going shopping soon. it’s 2:30pm on new years day.

i have lots of fun stories but i hate this keyboard, so let’s see how quickly i can do this.

after trafalgar, where we couldn’t see the fireworks, we went on a massive long trek to find a toilet (and all ended up in a back alleyway to pee – on the recommendation of the cops) and then trekked to westminister to visit winston churchill and place a pretty ribboned bottle of some icelandic 37.5% alcoholic shit that dale likes. it was foultastic, i somehow got it all over my face.

we were all cold and tired and sore, but seeing winston made it all better, it really did.

i think i told you how the other night we went to see stomp? it was this epic musical performance using crazy things like saws and tubes and water drums and such – it was amazing. that was the night before wicked.

we’ve also shopped a bit, i bought a jumper and some more socks and a few pairs of shoes. i’ll post photos of them (and everything else!) asap.

missing you all!

please don’t leave, kt.


p.s. matt’s bday is the 3rd and we leave for paris on the 5th. no promises on being able to blog from there! might just write down my adventures and then update you all when i hit milan!

This blog is dedicated to Jo, who is leaving me on Wednesday. What a bitch. Seriously, how selfish, leaving me all alone here to fend for myself! WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND IS THAT! 😛

In other news, I will be extreamly sad, sadder than any of the rest of you lot so whatevs to your face.

So here we go, Jo. (Yes I can rhyme, bitch.) This is for you, because you are my best and favourite and twin and all those other awesome things.

First of all, let’s talk about things Jo likes:

Britney Spears, who likes to ask ‘Do you want a piece of meat?’. To which I say, ‘Yes Britney Spears, I would infact like a piece of meat.’

Katy Perry, who, infact did not kiss a girl, thus she is not able to comment on whether or not she liked it and if infact, the chapstick was cherry flavoured. These facts will be upheld in a court of law.

Speaking of law, Jo does law, I’m still unsure as to whether or not she likes it, but for now, let us put the LAW on Jo’s list of likable things. Of course, if all else fails, we can just pretend that by the LAW, I infact meant to say GEORGIA LAW, which of course Jo is a huge fan of.

Miley Cyrus. Well not really, but just to make it very clear, Jo, I’ve got my eyes set on you and I’m ready to aim. And I’m just being Miley.

Chutney Marys. Indian food makes us bloated.

Supermarkets. The all important destination for instant food goods! And discovering new vegetables. And realising that a red onion is not a red capsicum when you cut it open.

Cheezels. Because you can stick them on your fingers and eat them whilst still successfully changing gears… sort of.

Road maps. They’re useful for not driving around Mandurah in circles in the middle of the night.

Shoes. All shoes are Jo’s, bitch!

Television babies. They’re cuter in the box.

Old people having sex. Especially Jack Nicolson and Diane Keaton.

Alcohol. But alcohol doesn’t like Jo. Especially at the airport.

The Court. It’s full of drag queens and really trashy, cheesy pop music.

Coffee, especially when Jason makes it. Apparently he makes great coffee. Apparently, because I don’t like coffee.

And most importantly, me. Jo loves me. But why wouldn’t she?

And that’s it. Jo, how about you just call the whole trip off and stay here instead? It’s better that way.


There’s Something About Georgia…

excuse me! welcome to my blog.
be in awe. i know you are.
my skin glows neon in the sun.
i enjoy bad pick up lines.

Suitable Responses to my Blogging:

WTG - What the Georgia?
WWGT - What was Georgia thinking?
I am in awe.