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It’s my final night in Sydney and while I haven’t been very good at blogging here (Manly has awfully slow internet) – I have been blogging at through my internship.

I’ve learned a lot since week one, and I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that I can do anything.

I kinda already knew this, but successfully completing a month at a science magazine and publishing several successful stories proved that if I could write about science (my most worstest subject at school), I could write about anything!

Luckily, I didn’t have to learn much in the way of chemistry or physics, because I think I may have struggled there… But I did get a chance to indulge my love of weird animals and the crazy shit they get up to by writing endless articles (including one 1000+ word feature) on animal behaviour. I think it’s safe to say I m a right old expert at animals now and could pretty much become David Attenborough’s successor tomorrow…



I also conquered my fear of Macs (following a string of virus-infected Apple computers in my high school years) and almost (key word: almost) mastered Sydney public transport! I got myself places I didn’t even think were on the public transport radar!

I did a bit of learning at a travel magazine during this past week… Although, oddly enough, it made me miss writing about science… Whoda thunk it? I used to run for the hills the moment science was mentioned!

I did a little shopping – I bought like one top and a dress – but somehow my suitcase seems MUCH heavier than when I left Perth and I am going to struggle with it tomorrow morning. I wonderwhat scientists say about the mass of suitcases based on how they are packd? Either way, I suck at packing and not everything wants to fit as nicely as it did when I left Perth.

Speaking of my West Coast home, I missed Perth, mostly because Sydney rained almost every day I was here, whereas Perth has been wonderfully warm and sunny.

I’m going to leave it here for now, I have to be up in a few hours and I am le tired from a HUGE weekend! But you can check out my work at the Cosmos Magazine website and look out for me in the Feb/March issue of the magazine!

p.s. I also made heaps of awesome friends!

So I learned may things today at my brand new internship in Sydney.

Let me recount the five top things I’ve learned over the past 12 hours:

1. I am not all that good at public transport. I caught the correct bus (hooray!) but in the WRONG DIRECTION! And it wasn’t until I was headed quite far North that I realised I wanted to be going south. I was an entire hour late for work this morning. They were pretty cool about it though, considering I’m from Perth and all.

2. Letting your brain “relax” for five months makes it a very lazy brain. VERY LAZY brain! I haven’t done anything that particularly requires any brain work for a long time. By the end of the day I was emotionally and inteligently exhausted… and trust me, I did very little. Yeah, that’s right. Work your brain people! Every day!

3. And keeping with the theme of 2, did you know I know NOTHING about science? I thought I knew a little bit. I was aware that I failed year 10 science, but I REALLY AM SCIENCE-INEPT! By the end of the day I was sure I knew less than I did at the beginning of the day… Oops!

4. I have a cold. I wasn’t aware I was sick until I was at work, feeling like I was going to hurl and pass out at the same time. That sucks.

5. Kim Kardashian is going to Melbourne Cup, Megan Gale is not… Useless, but hey it made the Telegraph so clearly SOMEONE thought it important!

So yes, considering my life recently has literally been spent at home, in my underwear, imitating my cat’s movements, this was a pretty thrilling day! I was EXHAUSTED by the end and ready for a nap (which I did take on the ferry home) and a good dinner (which I was lucky enough to have Kelly cook for me). I’m off to bed soon… I’m already pratically an old lady, and I’ve been in the workforce only a day!

Happy Halloween!
Good night!

The GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE HAPPENED THIS WEEK! I was lucky enough to be chosen to meet Lady Gaga in a radio competition here in Australia.

I happened to be in Adelaide visiting my grandparents and cousins when I got the call – and had to pack up and fly out for 24 hours with my cousin, Katie, accompaying me to the best 30 mins of my life.

I had also met Maggie Beer (my foodie idol) a few days earlier, making this past week possibly the most magic of my life!

On Sunday afternoon, after a quick visit to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, we dolled ourselves up especially for Gaga and headed to meet her. We had to wait about an hour, due to he being held up by press, and we nearly got kicked out by hotel security twice (they thought we were fans from outside – well we were fans obviously, but we were with her record label!)

We finally got to head up to meet her. I was a blubbering, nervous wreck. And Gaga, I apologise for this. I have always fantasised about what I would ask you – I have a million questions – but the moment the radio called me and told me I’d won, I lost the plot. All I could think about was that I GOT TO MEET YOU – the woman who inspires me to remember that I am just fine the way I am when I sometimes feel like letting people take advantage of me and try to change me (which does happen, despite the fact that I am generally very sure of myself). I couldn’t remember any of the things I wanted to ask you!

I also don’t think I made much sense of the gift I gave you. They are pearls sourced from Western Australia, where I live, and they are uniquely Australian. Mum works for the company (Kailis), so we picked them out together as we wanted you to have something special from Australia that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. I hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to sell the company to you – I just wanted you to like them. And you seemed thrilled, and you were so genuine and YOU WERE EXACTLY HOW I HOPED YOU’D BE! So friendly!

Not that I expect you to read my little blog… But oh how I adore you, Gaga! Thank you for singing ‘Hair’ to us (it’s probably my favourite song on the album, along with Highway Unicorn, so i was thrilled!) and thank you for being so chatty and warm and you have no idea how excited we all were before and afterwards. There was lots of squealing downstairs, afterwards.

Best. Day. Ever!

There’s Something About Georgia…

excuse me! welcome to my blog.
be in awe. i know you are.
my skin glows neon in the sun.
i enjoy bad pick up lines.

Suitable Responses to my Blogging:

WTG - What the Georgia?
WWGT - What was Georgia thinking?
I am in awe.