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the first topic on the agenda is me. and how i am so pleased that the world is (slowly) beginning to recognise me and how absolutely amazing i happen to be. (i just wish it would hurry up!)

proof of this fact came to me in a photo today from my katie, who is in north america (of which we will discuss more further down)

so let me now unveil this photo to all you good, georgia-loving people of the world:


as you can see, my name appears three times on this building. i have even circled them for you in bright yellow for easy spotting. clearly, this building is being built in honour of me and quite clearly that amazing man in the yellow is one of these georgia-worshippers who is helping such a fantastic architectual monument to me be constructed!

so, vancouver (where this building site is), i thank you for your gracious offering to my good self, however i shall be unable to attend the opening ceremony, as i am under high demand and shan’t be able to make it to your fair city.

however, i do promise to pop by sometime in the future! lay out the pink carpet for me!


but enough about me and my building, we have other matters to cover!

we discussed tort law last post. let us continue this. just briefly.

today we studied a case where a rolls royce was involved in two accidents (both the other cars’ fault, not the rolls royce), two weeks apart.

the first accident caused much damage, but the rolls royce wasn’t repaired before the second crash occurred therefore only the guy in the FIRST accident was liable, and not the second.

this sounds a lot like Donna’s (my big blue car) encounter with the pole… because the bumper bar was already damaged (due to a previous ding), i am not liable for the bumper bar, meaning that i only have to claim the broken light. and as a tiny baby, this makes the whole ordeal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less expensive, because dad claiming the bumper bar = cheaper than me claiming the bumper bar.

and it turns out, because i applied this real life incident to tort law, i was right.

clearly, my life = tort law. fucking creeping me out.

in other news, katie has departured from canadia, but is still in north america. she is in seattle, being ravaged by vampires and keeping her eye out for werewolves. she’s good at that.

recently she stumbled across the outskirts of the set for new moon, the new twi-movie, in canadia, proving once and for all: canadia is a dangerous, vampire infested country! FEAR IT! or go there and find your sparkly true love and marry him/her and have creepy perfect half breed babies with retarded names.
your choice.

but really, i just miss katie and wish she’d just leave america and come home already, really. i’m counting the days. it’s pretty soon. just over a month now…

in even more news, i want a job at the ABC, if anyone from the ABC (that’s the Australian one, people) happens to read this blog, please give me a job! i shall work for free. i’m good at that.

in some very exciting television news: YAY! YAY! YAY! they’re back! super excited.

and for the shiggles: man china never fails to astound me with its whackness

yeah, i’m an ABC-whore, sue me. or get me a job there. really.

i watched the logies last night, should’ve blogged them, i may attempt to recap them later, but in the mean time i will mention that rebecca gibney won the gold logie and i am thrilled cos she’s pretty freaking awesome and isn’t annoying like those stupid neighbours/home&away stars who really don’t do anything but eventually get killed off the show. yay rebecca gibney!


Once again I have been a bad blogger, a very bad blogger. Once again, we can blame law school, and it’s cold, darker-than-black, evil, uncaring, unspare-time-allowing heart. (and a little of real life law)

I have a tort law assignment due in two days and have found myself consumed by a world of negligence, salient features, farfetched fancifulness and a hypothetical idiot named Dr Singh who announced his hypothetical ‘funny turns’, senile, stroke victim patient, Anton, fit to drive a motor vehicle – who consequently crashed his car with his hypothetical idiot ‘my husband is the best driver’ wife, Ludwika, who fractured her elderly hip and suffered severe, old lady neck injuries.

Oh yeah, and I have to represent the idiot hypothetical doctor, by the way.

I can’t help but feel 100% complete sympathy towards poor hypothetical Anton – stuck with a shit hypothetical doctor who is literally ‘practising’ medicine and a retarded hypothetical wife who is clearly just as senile as her hypothetical husband if she thinks he’s ok to drive.

Really, it’s just as much her hypothetical fault as the hypothetical doctors, but I can’t say that, can I? About a poor old hypothetical woman who was probably ‘just supporting’ her hypothetical senile husband.

This whole hypothetical legal case thing is really beginning to hypothetically shit a hypothetical me.

And yet on Saturday at work, I watched as a senile old man – just like hypothetical Anton – reverse his car into the Dome cafe next to work and then accelerate forwards directly into a very expensive, very silver FWD parked opposite. Which makes this whole hypothetical tort law assignment feel oh so less hypothetical and oh so much more real and creepy…

That and the bubble that is Napoleon Street, Cottesloe was completely burst by that little incident – a metaphor for the lives of the rich bubble-people who regular the area, perhaps? 😛

My poor little bubble, I love it so.

Later that night, I was driving on the Freeway with a broken tail light, heavily dented bumper bar, only one (incorrect) P plate displayed and no license on me – only to be pulled over by the cops for “going 90kms in a 100km zone, ma’am”.

…WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously! Did he not notice the botched brown-packing tape job I’d done in an attempt to salvage my tail light from the 5km reverse crash into a pole a few weeks prior? And how did he NOT notice I was missing a P plate? That’s a $50 fine within itself!

The cop also asked me if I’d been drinking, but failed to breatho me, and was more than happy to take my simple proof-of-age card as sufficient ID.

He didn’t fine me either – although I’m still paranoid he’s going to pounce a mail-fine on me and take my not-even six month old probationary license away from me… I might go join witness protection, just incase. 😛

The icing on the cake is a triple shot macchiato that I had two sips of the other day, which causes my heart to beat like a strobe light at full speed for a full seven hours after. I swore I was going to have a bloody stroke like my hypothetical senile tort law man, Anton. Freaked me out. Coffee that strong should be illegal, or atleast come with some kind of the-barista-who-concocted-this-vile-death-drink-holds-no-liability-if-you-die legal warning note on the cup. Really!

So yes, as you can see, the law – in its various realistic and hypothetical forms – has consumed my every waking moment since my last post and is completely and utterly to blame for my neglecting you. Please don’t sue me.


This semesters legal unit of choice is TORT LAW! Yay…

Ok, but really. First lesson up was all about that special little Snail in the Bottle, yeah. (Seriously, click that, you’ll shit yourself laughing.)

Now, I’ve studied that snail in that bottle so many times, I almost want to open a snail orphanage, for all those unwanted snails found in bottles… And I don’t know where this is going, it’s clearly not funny.

In other news, St Patricks Day is tomorow, and that means green hats and green beer and so much green, especially snot and puke, which is best in green… This is an incredbily important day… and I just told Matthew I was looking at Katie’s cock… I meant clock. Again, unsure why I am typing this, I have verbal diharroea and am epicly trying to procrastinate on reading up on Asian politics.

Oh yeah! So, let’s talk about something more fun. Specifically, Tesni, Alex and I went out on Saturday night to celebrate Katie’s birthday, despite the fact that Katie is ALL the way in Canadia-land…


This is where I spent most of my evening… Sorry Katie, food > you. 😛

The happy couple reunited!

Tesni moves so stealthy, notice how she snuck so subtly into this photo here?

We’re all in this together… And something about nosesprays from my last HSM joke…

Man, how awesome that we could go ALL the way to Canadia just for Katie!

Until next time.

Did you miss me? I was gone for a while there. As it was, I was swamped by life and almost forgot about my beloved little blog!

I really must complete my list of amazing things from Europe. There is so much more entertaining stuff to post! And it will kill the boredom between classes…

That’s right, this is my second week back at uni and I already hate Tort Law. I really do. Except Donoghue v Stevenson. If you don’t know what Donoghue v Stevenson is, then click on this link to become learned on one of the best cases ever in existence. (It didn’t make my earlier list cos it’s tort, not criminal.)

I am now a third year, this makes me feel ill and I am really not excited about my birthday that approaches. Twenteen is not an attractive age and I am doing everything to resist the coming of Sunday, when all Hades rises and I become that disgusting old age that has a 2 infront of it. *shudders*

Um… what else is there? Not a whole lot really, life has been relatively uneventful and there isn’t even anything hilarious for me to report upon!

Oh! I signed up to be group leader for next weeks history workshop presentation… Only to remember later that I am so unorganised I forgot that I was too unorganised to be a group leader! Tune in to Geography Lecture Theatre 1 at 10am next Tuesday to watch wrinkly old twenteen Georgia and her comradery of motley revolutionaries crash and burn!

This is all for now.

I promise more fun Europe pictures later.


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