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the first topic on the agenda is me. and how i am so pleased that the world is (slowly) beginning to recognise me and how absolutely amazing i happen to be. (i just wish it would hurry up!)

proof of this fact came to me in a photo today from my katie, who is in north america (of which we will discuss more further down)

so let me now unveil this photo to all you good, georgia-loving people of the world:


as you can see, my name appears three times on this building. i have even circled them for you in bright yellow for easy spotting. clearly, this building is being built in honour of me and quite clearly that amazing man in the yellow is one of these georgia-worshippers who is helping such a fantastic architectual monument to me be constructed!

so, vancouver (where this building site is), i thank you for your gracious offering to my good self, however i shall be unable to attend the opening ceremony, as i am under high demand and shan’t be able to make it to your fair city.

however, i do promise to pop by sometime in the future! lay out the pink carpet for me!


but enough about me and my building, we have other matters to cover!

we discussed tort law last post. let us continue this. just briefly.

today we studied a case where a rolls royce was involved in two accidents (both the other cars’ fault, not the rolls royce), two weeks apart.

the first accident caused much damage, but the rolls royce wasn’t repaired before the second crash occurred therefore only the guy in the FIRST accident was liable, and not the second.

this sounds a lot like Donna’s (my big blue car) encounter with the pole… because the bumper bar was already damaged (due to a previous ding), i am not liable for the bumper bar, meaning that i only have to claim the broken light. and as a tiny baby, this makes the whole ordeal waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less expensive, because dad claiming the bumper bar = cheaper than me claiming the bumper bar.

and it turns out, because i applied this real life incident to tort law, i was right.

clearly, my life = tort law. fucking creeping me out.

in other news, katie has departured from canadia, but is still in north america. she is in seattle, being ravaged by vampires and keeping her eye out for werewolves. she’s good at that.

recently she stumbled across the outskirts of the set for new moon, the new twi-movie, in canadia, proving once and for all: canadia is a dangerous, vampire infested country! FEAR IT! or go there and find your sparkly true love and marry him/her and have creepy perfect half breed babies with retarded names.
your choice.

but really, i just miss katie and wish she’d just leave america and come home already, really. i’m counting the days. it’s pretty soon. just over a month now…

in even more news, i want a job at the ABC, if anyone from the ABC (that’s the Australian one, people) happens to read this blog, please give me a job! i shall work for free. i’m good at that.

in some very exciting television news: YAY! YAY! YAY! they’re back! super excited.

and for the shiggles: man china never fails to astound me with its whackness

yeah, i’m an ABC-whore, sue me. or get me a job there. really.

i watched the logies last night, should’ve blogged them, i may attempt to recap them later, but in the mean time i will mention that rebecca gibney won the gold logie and i am thrilled cos she’s pretty freaking awesome and isn’t annoying like those stupid neighbours/home&away stars who really don’t do anything but eventually get killed off the show. yay rebecca gibney!


Ok, so because people whom I shall not name (Mitchell and Kevin) keep whinging about my Twilight related posts, I have started a separate Twi-blog. You should link all your Twi-loving friends to it.

You can find it on the left sidebar, but just incase you’re super lazy, you can click right HERE! <— THERE!

It’s called Running with the Vampires and it’s where I’ll tear apart and analyse the shit out of anything and everything to do with Twilight. I’ll also post my favourite Twicons at random intervals and keep you up to speed on some of the Twi-happenings of the Twi-world. And just to keep you on your toes, I’ll drop a few random things in there for good measure. Maybe some Harry Potter things. Cos he will always be my first and truest literary character love.


I’ve been thinking about those (lack of) dirty sex scenes in Breaking Dawn – (see review: Yeah, I broke dawn.)

Others have also been thinking about the little bits and pieces we learn about the (lack of) dirty sex scenes in Breaking Dawn.

Now, let us rememeber that despite these little issues, I still enjoyed Breaking Dawn, I just notice some discrepancies that I felt like sharing with you all whilst I procrastinate on my assignment.

First of all, let us make a few things clear: Edward is immortal, he’s 107/108 in years by Breaking Dawn but physically he’s only 17. So he’s had alot of time on this planet. Also, he can read minds.

Now, onto the issues:

1. Edward went through med school twice for Carlisle in order to keep him updated on modern medecine, right? Then why did he have to ask his brothers and Carlisle how the birds and the bees worked? Surely this would’ve been discussed! Or he would’ve overheard it/seen it in someone elses mind as they daydreamed. SURELY!

2. (Ta to Sam for this one.) He’s described as granite hard and cold right? So how’d he get it up?

3. Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for Bella to some extent? Remember, in New Moon when they’re going to see the Volturi and Bella is shivering and Edward rubs his hands against her arms to warm her but she says that his granite skin chaffes? Ok, there’s more moisture down there but surely it’d still be atleast a little uncomfortable.

4. Ok, I guess we’ve accepted the fact that obviously Edward’s sperm were not dead enough to stop Bella getting pregnant, but hello condoms? Ok, they didn’t think they needed them, but let us remember the “icey” issue.

5. Did anyone else get the pillow biter innuendo Sam got? Edward “bit a pillow or two.” Is Edward, maybe, gay? Hahaha. Punny.

Um, that’s all I got for now. Funny how your mind goes off in really strange tangents when you’re trying to right a criminal law report at 11pm at night. Yeah, I’m still working on it.

Anyone else read the books and find these things weird?

All this and there wasn’t even any actual sex scenes! Haha.

Ok, MUST finish assignment now!

I’ll be on my way.

p.s. let it be known, you shouldn’t take me 100% seriously, i love twilight and i won’t bad mouth it, but you must let me stir up some fun once in awhile! anyone who thinks i’m twibashing is insane and needs to get their headchecked, k?

this is what i think of criminal law assignments:


There’s Something About Georgia…

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