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Twas the night before Christmas, and… twas the only time of year we bloody use the word ’twas’! It’s such a fantastic word, we should use it more often. I hereby advocate for the increased use of the word ’twas’ all year round!

So, retailmania is over and we had champagne to celebrate! I now have to wait, as due to double demerits AND only just getting my P plates (YAY!) mere days ago, I cannot take the risk driving even with just the slightest hint of booze in the system.

I’m also in the process of packing for my month long journey of Europe – I’m having alot of trouble trying to work out which airports are where and how on earth to book my final flight from Paris back to London! It’s absolutely much too confusing for my poor retail-frazzled brain.

So, I can’t be bothered posting my Twilight movie review on my Twi-blog, so after completing this holiday season post, I will post my Twi-review – which might even be MORE epic than my HSM3 review. And that is truly saying something epic.

This year we sold like a hundred billion copies of The Snowball; aka Warren Buffet’s biography, aka a Weapon of Mass Destruction within its own little hardcovered black and gold self. We also sold a hundred billion copies of Dawn French’s memoirs, Matt Price’s book of columnistic titbits and maybe a million billion copies of New Moon (Twilight#2). The Twi-sales may have actually caused me to be OVER Twilight!

OMG! Did the world just end? Did Georgia say she was MAYBE over Twilight? Well yes – but only when it involves discussing the novel with underage tweenie twats who know nothing about nothing and get really, personaly offended when you tell them you are Team Mike, New Moon is your favourite book and you think Edward might be a closet gay.

…Yes, despite being one of the biggest Twilighters in Australia, I have still managed to retain my indie-cred, dignity AND sense of humour, ok? Fear not, I shan’t succumb to Edwardmania and purchase these truly epic gems of merchandising that must be seen to be believed.

Not even I want Robert Pattinson’s glarey face to keep me toasty warm during the night. That goes far beyond creepy… infact, it’s so far past creepy, it’s getting back arond close to normal! THAT’S SUPER INTENSE CREEPY!

Although, I did ask my boss if we could maybe order in this life size cut out of our favourite hottie vampire for the shop. True hilarity would ensue if we displayed THAT piece of awesome in our shop window. (Oh and us casuals would get no work done as we would spend the whole day swooning… But let’s just keep that between us.)

I also saw this amazing billboard the other day. It said:

DRINK SPRITE! It makes you sexy!*

*You must already be sexy.

…Or something like that. Best billboard ever.

So, I’m gonna wrap this up here, because my Twi-review is going to be so epic that it might even cause WordPress to crash. I also have to drive to Katie’s (I am now ok to drive, I had the tiny little sip of champers almost two hours ago) and pick up the last little bit of Chloe’s birthday present!

I’m leaving on December 28th for Europe and will be back on January 28th 2009 – however I hope to blog for you all when I am on my travels!

So, Merry whatever-you-celebrate and have the most AWESOME NYE possible without me and I’ll see you all super soon, I promise!

Lots of love and hugs and red and green cheer and maybe some mistletoe,
Your best and favourite,

p.s. we have a MAYBE on ordering the life size cut out into our store!


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